The biodegradable urn for pets








The biodegradable urn for pets





Return to Nature in a new life

ZOON is an urn that stands out for its functional simplicity and a marked poetic manner of remembering a loved one, by planting a tree, a shrub or a plant in itself significant for the family, growing from its ashes. An ecological farewell to return to nature as a new life

The purpose is to mitigate the absence of the loved one, watching every new outbreak of life grow, as part of one’s memories.

Zoon is an austere urn with simple shapes that has the least possible damaging impact on the environment, blending itself perfectly with its natural surroundings.

Zoon is a biodegradable and recyclable urn that allows the restart of the cycle of life and helps maintain the natural balance of the planet.




What can I do with my pet’s ashes?

Plant a new life in memory of your pet: an ecological farewell that returns to nature what belongs to it

ZOON is a biodegradable and recyclable urn that allows you to bury your pet’s ashes to return to life as a tree or plant.

The purpose of ZOON is to give an opportunity to create life by returning your loved one to nature. Each new bloom symbolizes the memory of the moments lived with your pet. A lasting legacy on earth. In addition, it allows to restart the cycle of life and maintain the natural balance of the planet.



Intuitive and user friendly

Zoon’s simple and intuitive use facilitates the whole process

· 100% Biodegradable, made of cardboard fibre and cellulose.

· Built in one single piece

· Full Cycle ecological urn (lodging ashes, custody of the urn at home, or burial of the ashes with or without plant)

· Space-saving foldable urn, thus reducing transport cost

· Does not need individual packaging, so it does not create further waste

· Easy to store with minimal space required. More than 150 units in less than 1 square metre

· Can be used with ashes stored in other types of urns



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